Our Products

Natural Bay specialises in organic and natural products sourced exclusively from small and medium sized Italian artisan food and drink companies.


Our Coffee production philosophy is based on 100% natural products, without additives, artificial colouring nor preservatives and with a production cycle that respects traditional processing techniques, generating highest quality products


Natural Bay specialises in the selection of boutique liqueurs, carefully produced and hand-bottled in limited quantity in Italy using only the highest quality ingredients in order to guarantee the highest level of attention to details.

Holy Spritz

Truly Italian aperitif and party drink, based on Santo Spirito Pink Grapefruit Liqueur, prosecco and soda!!!


Natural Bay was created by the passion and experience of the 4 founders who decided to come together to bring their vision to life. We want “To create a selection of exceptional quality products from Italy to satisfy the nest taste”...we want our customers to experience something unique and that is why we put so much passion and care to discover the right products.

Italy has an amazing culture of locally produced food and drinks that developed over the centuries which is unique in its variety. There are thousands of specialty artisan producers who pay exceptional attention to the selection of ingredients and use traditional and unique skills and processes to produce high quality food and drinks products.

We spend our time carefully searching and selecting the very best locally to bring it here in UK for you. We believe that quality over quantity is the way forward.

We sell mainly to distributors and restaurants in the UK.


Address: 4 Stormont Rd | London SW11 5EN
Email: info@naturalbay.co.uk